About Us

My Greeting Box was created because when you're starting out with card making, or even when you've been card making for a while, the number of products and techniques out there can be a bit overwhelming. If you find a design you'd love to recreate, you have to buy so many products and learn how to use them and this can get very expensive! My Greeting Box simplifies this and means that everything you need is delivered straight through your door. You get the right amount of supplies to make the designs included and some extra to make some of your own creations. You can build up your collection of supplies and tools over time as well as learning new techniques to try out.

Meet the Team

Hi, it's great to meet you! We thought it might be nice to tell you a bit about ourselves.


Founder and Designer

My name is Holly, and I'm the founder of My Greeting Box. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember and really fell in love with card making in particular. I love making cards because it's something you can share with your loved ones and brighten someones day. I find card making very satisfying because you can start and finish a project in a reasonable amount of time and still have something wonderful to show for it.


Social Media Manager

I’m Charlotte, and I handle the social media for My Greeting Box. Having grown up online, I’ve been in love with the world of social media for as long as I can remember. When I’m not tweeting or scrolling Facebook, you’ll most likely find me with my nose in a book. Crafting is one of my favourite ways to switch off, and I love the sense of pride that comes with being able to create beautiful things with my own hands!



Hi, I’m Morgyn. I take all the photographs for My Greeting Box. I have loved photography since my granddad introduced me to it 15 years ago and really enjoy trying to get that perfect shot! When the kits are ready to be photographed it’s always really exciting to see what’s going to be inside and how best to show that in my pictures. In my spare time I am also a keen aerialist and adore the mix of physical and mental strength needed to climb up a rope or hang off a trapeze!