Unexpected Places to find Craft Supplies

Living in the UK as a crafter can be pretty frustrating. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and all the American crafters have such easy access to hundreds of great, affordable brands that we have limited and far more expensive access to over here. I’m a particular fan of Lawn Fawn and Paper Smooches, I think they have super cute images and some of the Lawn Fawn dies to create different styles of cards are great, but to buy them over here is sometimes impossible and if not, very expensive. I have found some small online shops that sell some of these products for reasonable prices but they seem to normally be run by one or two people and due to this are often out of stock of a large portion of their products.


Of course, the other option is to import from the States but then you have to wait for AGES for the supplies to arrive and deal with all the customs stuff when it does!


So I am posing this question, where do UK crafters buy their supplies? Here are some of the places I use:


Amazon - of course, convenience is a big factor here as well as variety.


Ebay - I often find great items on ebay. New and Buy it Now. I don’t normally bid although I bet you could get some great bargains this way!


Hobbycraft - Obviously this is a great place to go looking for anything art and crafty but their papercraft section doesn’t have as much variety as I would like. However, their prices are pretty good and they are always worth taking a look at. I got my Big Shot Die Cut machine from Hobbycraft and their customer service was great!


The Works - You have to be a bit careful here as, of course, the super cheap prices mean the quality isn’t always top notch but if you’re picky you can do very well here. I was surprised to see they had dies and clear stamps and I also buy my card packaging from here. The card blanks here are ok too but the envelopes aren’t as nice a quality as I got from Hobbycraft.


Poundland - I LOVE Poundland and I am not joking. It is a treasure trove! That being said, if quality is an issue in The Works you need to be ten times as careful in Poundland! But you can get some great bargains! I always get my foam tape and squares from here, they often have different washi tapes to add to your collection and sometime they have 6 x 6 patterned papers. Also, because it’s so cheap you can get stuff to experiment with and if you like it go out and buy a better quality version to use on your cards. You can also get really cheap storage solutions here!


So there’s a quick roundup of where I find my supplies. I would love to hear from you guys and where you go to find new and inexpensive products!