Crafting and Mental Health

Did you know that crafting is a great way to improve mental health? That is crafting of all kinds including knitting, crochet, cake decorating, scrapbooking and of course card making! As May is Mental Health Awareness Month I thought it would be a good time to talk about the benefits of crafting in terms of self care.

Crafting puts us in a meditative state without the need to learn to meditate and focus the mind (which is sometimes a lot easier said than done!). This means that the mind is automatically focused on the task at hand because creating is enjoyable and needs your full attention. By focusing entirely on the process of making something, the everyday, stressful buzz in your brain is quietened down and allows you a moment of calm.

Being creative actually releases dopamine which is a ‘happy’ hormone and a natural antidepressant. This indicates that participating in creative activities may even help to alleviate depression and reduce anxiety. How often do you have to really motivate yourself to start a craft project but find that once you’re going it is super enjoyable and lose yourself in it? I do this all the time! I’m often sat crafting away before I realise it’s midnight and time for bed! This is caused by the natural high you get from this dopamine release when you are being creative. (Science!)

Crafting can really bring about a sense of achievement. Whether it be by learning new skills, feeling yourself get better at something or creating something that you are really proud of, this sense of achievement can really boost self esteem and make you feel proud! This in turn of course boosts confidence and mood. I am definitely one of those people who starts a lot of projects and never gets around to finishing them but even starting a project and learning a new skill can definitely give me a little mood boost!

Finally, card making as well as a lot of other crafts are normally done for other people. You are creating something to give to someone else and this is a great feeling. Nothing boosts mood like giving and knowing that you’ve shared a little happiness with someone and I think people are always appreciative to know you’ve spent the time to create something just for them, so this is a win win. Spread the love by creating something for someone else!

So there is it, crafting is a great way to calm your mind, boost your confidence and spread the good mood around. What are you going to create next?

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