Playing with Envelopes

One of the things I’ve started watching on YouTube and really enjoying is the tutorials for envelope decoration. Jennifer McGuire (one of my favourite YouTubers) points out that if you’re spending all this time creating a card then it only seems right to spend a few minutes to create an envelope that matches. How much joy would it bring to you to receive a beautiful envelope in the mail? It means that your experience of that greeting card starts even before you open it! Often just a little addition to the envelope can go a long way.

I really loved this video by K Werner Designs: . Just imagine receiving this in the post! I love the idea of using colouring book pages like this because I am terrible at drawing! Of course this is not a simple envelope but I just loved watching it be created.

 K Werner -

K Werner -

Another way to spice up your envelopes of course is just the way that you address them. If you are a master of calligraphy then using this or some form of brush lettering will always make your delivery that much more special. I personally use a stencil and different colours and I think this gives a pretty nice effect that is easy and requires literally NO skill!

But sometimes something simple is all that is needed. A little die cut over the seal or a stamped sentiment along the flap can really show someone you care.

I love the idea of receiving these beautiful designs in the post. Here are a few of my favourites.