Alternative Ways to Use Your Stamps

We love seeing your My Greeting Box creations, and when Merith posted a picture of how she used her stamps in her bullet journal, we thought we'd share some more ways you can use your stamps from the boxes! Rubber stamps are really versatile and can be used for all sorts of crafty things, not just your cards, so dust them off and get stuck in.

ways to use stamps

Wrapping paper

Jazz up boring brown paper packages by getting stamp happy. You can use your stamps to create fun patterns on plain wrapping paper for an extra personalised touch to your thoughtful gifts! Pick one shape and repeat, or mix and match to your heart's desire. 

Gift tags

Once you've got your wrapping sorted, why not make a gift tag to match? Use your stamps on gift tags to create a finishing touch that matches your personalised wrapping paper to perfection. 

Decorating envelopes

Once you've made your cards from your latest subscription box, you could add an extra flourish to your envelopes, too! Envelopes don't have to be boring, bring a splash of creativity to yours with a cute stamp on the front or back.


We love using scrapbooks to celebrate special memories, and stamps make a brilliant addition to your scrapbooking kit! Use them to decorate your pages and bring your treasured memories to life once more.

Bullet Journalling

Like Merith, you could also use your stamps for your bullet journal spreads. Not everyone has the drawing skills of the people you see on Pinterest, so using stamps is an easy way to make your bullet journal look that little bit prettier. 

If you think of any other creative uses for your stamps we'd love to see them! Be sure to share them on social media and use the hashtag #MyGreetingBox so we can have a nosey at what you've been making - we'll share our favourites on our pages too.

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