5 Reasons to Start Making Your Own Cards

Here at My Greeting Box, we're firm believers in crafting being great for your soul. There are so many reasons to get a bit messy and spend an hour or so getting creative and developing new skills! Making cards is one of our favourite hobbies, and here are just a few of the reasons why we love it so much...

benefits of card making

It's Therapeutic

When you really get going with something creative, you find yourself "in the zone", where you're totally focused on the task at hand. Card making is great for this as your hands are occupied at all times and it requires your full attention, putting you into a near meditative state. 

Learning Something New

Although it can all be lumped under the heading of "card making", there are so many different creative skills that go into making beautiful cards. It requires a bit of patience, but before long you'll be a whizz at all things papercraft! 

Going Offline

We live in a noisy, online world, and it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Most people nowadays are guilty of losing hours to social media, but getting creative can help you switch off. When you're making cards, you can really get into the zone, and your hands are far too busy to be scrolling through Facebook! It's the best way to escape.

Sharing the Love

The best thing about making cards is that you get to share the end product, with a thoughtful card that's sure to make the recipient smile. Like they say, it's the thought that counts, and going the extra mile and making your loved one a unique handmade card shows that you care. 

A Sense of Pride!

Making beautiful handmade cards is something to be proud of. You'll get total bragging rights when you're able to tell people that you make your own cards! Take pride in your talents and share them with the world.

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